Practical guidance for teams and organisations to implement self-management practices

Transformations to self-management no longer have to fail

At New Circle we see more and more organisations transitioning to self-management, and as a result benefiting from a more effective, human and agile way of working.

However, we also see al lot of organisations where transformations to self-management fail. And on the one hand, this is not strange, because to work effectively in a self-managing way is for most people more complicated than they are used to in their past jobs at management-led organisations.

On the other hand, with the lessons that can be drawn from past organisational transformations and the wide range of self-management empowering methods that have been developed over the past years, a transformation to self-management does not need to fail anymore, as long as the organisation, the teams, and their members get the appropriate guidance.

And that is where New Circle comes in. We see it as our purpose to make self-management the new normal by guiding organisations, teams and people through a safe implementation and transformation process.

Our offerings

Explore our offerings below, contact us for more details, and let's discuss the possibilities of self-management in your organisation



/ hour

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  • Practical guidance for organisations, and teams to implement self-management.
  • Long and short term projects possible

Also possible:

  • Meeting facilitation (governance meetings, operational meetings, restrospectives, strategy sessions)



/ half-day

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  • Tailored in-house training in organisational self-management practices
  • Max. 8 persons / group



/ team / 3 months

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  • A 3-months guided sprint for teams to implement self-management practices
  • Optionally training in Sociocracy, Nonviolent Communication, Art of Hosting, and Agile Project Management
  • After 3 months teams are able to define and improve their own self-management practices
  • Max. 8 persons / team

  All prices are excluding taxes and negotiable for non-profits, small businesses, and DAOs.

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